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It will please some of you to know that he is one of WGHP's Sports Directors. It will please the rest of you to know that he is one of the most promising young sports directors in the Southeast. Either way, our Spotlight of the Week is Theo Dorsey.

Brandon "Theo" Dorsey was born in Missouri City, Texas. Missouri City is right within the Houston city limits where notable names like Beyonce, Travis Scott, Bruce Matthews, Warren Moon, and more currently reside. Growing up, Theo was very involved, but it wasn't until his high school and college years that he started to be more active with reporting. When he first started, he focused on learning and always giving his all. That certainly started to create a trend in 2013 .

Collegiate Accolades

2013 - Became a graduate of the Sports Journalism Institute. This institute was focused on a rigorous sports writing boot camp with 10 of the top collegiate sports journalists in the nation.

2014 - Awarded a study trip to Japan after being named one of the top-9 collegiate reporters by the Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition.

2015 - Finished second place nationally out of over 500 contestants in the AOL Sports Search for the next great sportscaster.

Bryson: Growing up, did you see yourself where you are now?

Theo: Growing up I had no clue I would be a sports broadcaster, but I always knew I would be blessed and accomplished. Much of that came from my mom drilling that into me every day.

Theo definitely left his mark in college and his light continued to shine after graduation. Shortly after leaving his Home by the Sea, Hampton University, Theo started to pursue his career at WALB-TV News 10. At WALB, Theo was focused on high school sports. He enjoyed this position because not only is there passion in high school sports, but there is a large about of opportunity. Theo took this opportunity to showcase why he is one of the best. Outside of covering stories, he made sure to connect with the fans, interact with the players, and create a path to success. Whether he was on air or practicing, he made sure that he always performed.

Bryson: What is one saying that you have always lived by?

Theo: How you do anything is how you do everything. We are habitual creatures, and if we aren't careful, we can show poor habits with things we don't care as much about. This can end up pouring into the energy you give to your career/family/God.

Working in Albany, GA was a new scene for Theo, but there were a good amount of similarities located in South Ga. From the food, to the music, to the caliber of sports, Theo definitely made the most out of things. Using his different connections and characteristics, he started to make a name for himself at the station. The station noticed his work ethic and talent, and within the first two years Theo was promoted to a Sports Director. This transition meant that instead of only reporting for sports on the weekend, he now would report throughout the week as well.

Bryson: How did you separate yourself from everyone else in your field?

Theo: I separate myself by outworking other journalists, caring about every piece of content that has my brand attached to it and my personality/delivery. 

Gaining this promotion opened more doors for Theo and he definitely took advantage of them. It did not take long to show that he deserved the spot.

2017 is a year that he will always remember, because not only did he get promoted, but the post grad accolades started to roll in. This year he won 2nd place for "Best Sports Reporter" from the Georgia Associated Press Media Editors. Even though this was a major accomplishment, he was not satisfied. He wasn't satisfied because even though he won the award, he strives to be the best at everything he does. He started to work even harder on his craft. In 2018 his work had payed off when The Georgia Associations of Broadcasters named him the "Best Sports Reporter."

Bryson: What is one story that you have been involved in that you will never forget?

Theo: My passion has been covering sports, but I will never forget the several news stories I've done on shootings where I've had to talk to black mothers who have lost their sons to senseless gun violence. Whether it's from the gun of law enforcement or from another brother, it doesn't make it any easier to sit with the mothers and tell those stories. And generally those stories MUST be told.

As Theo mentioned, he has had his share of new stories that had nothing to do with sports. Along with gun violence, he has reported about tragic storms that impacted South Georgia. The most notable were the tornadoes of 2017 and Hurricane Michael's landfall in 2018.

Bryson: What has been the highlight of your career?

Theo: The highlight of my career has been the handful of reporters and anchors that I have mentored. Witnessing their growth and seeing them win awards has always filled me with pride--much more than my own accomplishments.

The Masters, the All American Game, and the SEC Championship are just a few of the major sporting events that Theo had an opportunity to report at. He has for sure had his fair share of talking sports in the Peach State. Even though WALB kept him busy, he made sure to stay active beyond his career. Outside of his workplace, he participated in several different groups, organizations and extra curricular activities. Two that stood out the most are NABJ and Beyond The Game. NABJ stands for the National Association of Black Journalists. This is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that advocate on behalf of black journalists worldwide.

#BeyondTheGame is a staple in its environment. Emmy-nominated News Anchor, Jonathan Martin, invited Theo to be a part of the #BeyondTheGame Tour. This tour hosted some of the most influential men in Houston to inspire young men to dream big! This was an amazing experience because Theo was able to pour into the youth like people once poured into him.

Bryson: What advice would you give someone that wants to be where you are today?

Theo: You have to love it and be dedicated to it. If there's any doubt in your mind that this is what you want to do, you might as well go with another industry. It's too competitive, the pay is too low and worst of all the viewers can tell when someone is throwing together half-baked work.

After a strong four years working in South Georgia, it was time to change scenery. In 2019 a new chapter started and Theo worked as a sports anchor and reporter with WGHP Fox 8. After a year with WGHP, he decided to create his own lane and moved back home to Texas to become a freelance reporter. His journey shows us that you never know who is watching or what you may go through, but make sure you always give your all.

Bryson: Why is it important to endorse in yourself?

Theo: It's important to endorse yourself because nobody else is lining up to do it for free! 

Highlight of the Week : Brandon "Theo" Dorsey - Sports Reporter

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Interviewed By: Bryson Dorsey

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