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Updated: May 18, 2020

She believed that she could, so she did! Who is she? She happens to be our Spotlight of the Week, MiAsia Symone. MiAsia has built her brand from the bottom up and she is finally starting to receive the recognition that she deserves.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, MiAsia has always been known for her positive and uplifting energy. She was known for showing these traits on and off of the court. When I say court, I mean the basketball court. Basketball played a major roll in her life. Growing up, she played whenever and wherever she had the opportunity. Playing basketball her whole life, that was all that she was focused on. Her dream to pursue a basketball dream looked like it was going to happen until one day, everything took a turn. Her senior year in high school, she tore her ACL in her left knee during an AAU basketball scrimmage. It was hard to continue playing after the injury, but she did not give up. MiAsia ended up completing physical therapy and went on to play two years of Junior College basketball. After noticing she wouldn't recover to 100%, MiAsia leaned on her second talent, which was writing.

Writing came more than a talent to her. It started to be a talent, a hobby, a passion, and her current profession. Throughout her journey of attending five different colleges, tearing her ACL, having a big break-up, and losing her dad to colon cancer. MiAsia had a story to tell.

What motivated you to keep going, even at your lowest point?

At my lowest points, I keep thinking about my end goal. I keep in mind that God won’t give me more than I can handle. I stay motivated through faith. This June will total six years of me being a media correspondent and I’ve definitely come too far to turn back.

There is a difference between someone who writes for fun and someone who writes from the heart. With those incidents, and many more that happened, MiAsia did not let that stop her. She started her own blog and worked with a couple of other blogs that had gained traction in Atlanta. Not only did this help her build her content, but it opened doors to greater opportunities. One opportunity that she ended up being involved in was an internship position at Streetz 94.5. The position lasted around a year and even though she was let go, she still did not let that stop her.

How did you transition from college to your profession?

I actually went to college to take up Athletic Training. I had goals of becoming a Sports Medicine Specialist. The science and math classes were beginning to get very difficult and I had to ask myself if I was willing to fight through the courses. I wanted to be sure it was really what I wanted to pursue and later decided it wasn’t. I have always had a passion for talking to people and getting in front of a camera. I transferred to Georgia State University in 2015 where I earned a bachelor’s in journalism…minor in film.

Shortly after graduation, MiAsia remained focused and decided to attend the Revolt Music Summit. For people who don't know, this summit is one of the biggest music summits in the country. Thousands of attendees participate in Diddy’s REVOLT Summit in Atlanta. Not only is the summit a great experience, but people have created their path after attending. Many people attend, but only a few are not afraid of trying to take that next step, and that is exactly what MiAsia did.

During the summit, she saw an opportunity and took it. She ended up introducing herself to Diddy prior to asking him a question. Diddy sensed her passion and energy and immediately offered her a position at the summit hosted in LA. After working out details, She received a position as a REVOLT correspondent.

Using these experiences, MiAsia created her own brand #MiAsiaSymoneLive. Her knowledge, mindset and work ethic has helped her brand expand. Her Youtube holds over 1.5 million views and 5,570 subscribers.

What prepared you to be where you are now?

My preparation is very complex. I’ve experienced a lot along my journey. I lost my father to colon cancer in 2009, attended five different colleges before graduating, went through a few break ups, and much more. These circumstances have all inspired me to keep pushing. I use my pain to add fuel to my fire.

MiAsia had her share of playing sports and working in music, but now she does both. She has shown her passion for both and believes that they go hand-in-hand. #MiAsiaSymoneLive is a positive media outlet that focuses on engagement with millennials as they cover sports events, red carpets, movie premieres, awards shows, brand launches and other events relative to entertainment and sports today.

What is it like being a woman in the sports industry?

So far, it’s been exciting! Women are getting more respect and are being valued for their sports knowledge and perspectives. I haven’t really gotten as deep into the sports industry as I would like, but as of right now, I’m meeting the right people and making the proper connections in order to become more polished and credible in my reporting.

Notable Interviews


Revolt Summit

LudaDay Weekend

Huncho Day

BET Social Awards and more.


Jermaine Dupri

Spike Lee

Lou Williams

Mona Scott-Young

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

Aaron Gordon and more.

At age 27, MiAsia has found her niche and is staying focused. Every day she looks for a new way to better herself. Whether that's reading a book or picking others' brains, she makes sure that she doesn't stay stagnant. “Building a brand means knowing your story and building and sharing that story”

What advice would you give other women about branding and looking to be in the sports industry?

Branding is very important in any industry. With sports, as long as you find ways to entertain and sustain your credibility as a journalist, anchor, and/or personality, your success will continue to rise. Find your niche. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on those strengths and then connect with the right people in order to strengthen those weaknesses.

Against all odds, MiAsia remains on top and is coming for everything that she wants. With many new goals set and many new connections made, nothing can stand in her way. Her past has certainly showed a promising future but she makes sure not to focus on that. She notices that if you keep focusing on what is behind you, you will never move forward. Treat each day like a new day and make the most out of it.

Stay confident, stay consistent, and make sure to stay you. That is what MiAsia is constantly doing and she is making sure that COVID-19 does not interfere.

"I’m not the best...but I’m the hottest and I’m going to study until I’m the greatest!."

Why is it important to endorse in yourself?

If you don’t endorse yourself, no one will. Networking and pushing my own brand has gotten me into doors bigger brands wouldn’t grant me access to. I’m earning my respect in both the entertainment and sports industry.

Highlight of the Week : MiAsia Symone - Sports and Entertainment Connoisseur

Instagram: @Miasiasymone @Mslmedia_

Interviewed By: Bryson Dorsey

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