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Updated: May 7, 2020

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you are willing to do whatever it takes?

Well that is the common case for our highlight of the week: Justin Wimberly.

Justin is a 24 year old entrepreneur from Paterson, New Jersey. Growing up with three siblings, Justin was very active in athletics and had a great mindset in being the change that he wanted to see. No matter where Justin was or what he was doing, he made sure to leave an impact. He definitely left an impact in football and track. In the time span of four years, Justin was a 3x Football State Champion, a National Football Champion, 1st Team All-League , and an Indoor Track 55 meter League Champion . Accolades like this don't come from only talent, plenty of passion was present. His passion over the years was shown throughout his HBCU experience at Hampton University.

Sydney : Why did you choose to go to an HBCU for undergrad?

Justin : As a young child I was exposed to the culture. Both of my parents went to an HBCU. With both of them attending Virginia State University , that is how I was brought up and wanted to continue the legacy.

After graduating from Hampton University, Justin was accepted into the Masters Program at the University of Arkansas. As a Razorback, he was very involved in the football department and gained an abundance of knowledge. Shortly before graduating, Justin and his business partner Jordan Coleman released Zone6ix Football. "This platform will allow youth and high school football players to show their personalities on and off of the field. Zone6ix Football will also provide a platform for high school football players to gain exposure to have an opportunity to receive a college football scholarship!"

Sydney: How did you come up with the name Zone6ix?

Justin: I originally came up with the name Zone6ix from , “ The End Zone and 6 points in football” and also trying to get six sports in one zone.

Justin? J? Jus? Wimbo? Justin Wimberly goes by many nicknames, but he is starting to make another name for himself in the sports industry. Even though Zone6ix has only been around for one year, it has started to change the culture. Growing to 4,500+ followers on Instagram and impacting hundreds of athletes, are just two of the accomplishments that have happened.

Sydney: How has Zone6ix challenged you ?

Justin: Zone6ix has challenged me to be willing to try things that most people don’t see on the high school level.

Within the first year, Zone6ix has hosted a Skills Challenge, a Football Camp, Photoshoots, a Pep Rally and more. With these events, each one had a different focus and plan to expand. For example, Zone6ix uses their photoshoots for many opportunities. The first photoshoot opportunity is branding. Not only do fans not know what players look like under their helmet, but content for self endorsement is important. The second focus is exposure. When it comes to exposure, being able to see the product as a reference is very important.

Unfortunately, Zone6ix had to postpone their Zone6ix Experience, Elite Invitational, and Specialist Camp due to Covid-19. These experiences created a platform for talent to meet opportunity. With this opportunity, the athletes would have the chance to workout and perform in front of Rivals! To those who aren't familiar, Rivals is one of the biggest College Sports Recruiting Forums in the country!

Even with the events being postponed, that did not stop Justin from being active with Zone6ix. They were still able to host a social distance running challenge and an NFL Draft social media challenge called "The Pick Is In". Thinking ahead and not letting anything stop your growth is definitely needed in times like this.

Sydney: What are your expansion plans?

Justin: In the next 6 months, I would like Zone6ix to be a brand along the whole east coast. For a short term goal, I want to make “Zone6ix a household name”.

Outside of the football branch of Zone6ix, the brand has expanded to Basketball and Baseball is coming soon. Taking over one sport at a time is not easy, but Justin is definitely on his way to doing that. Many people will see the product, but the work behind the scenes will never be noticed or recognized. When asking Justin what motivates him, he responded with a quote: "The most important thing is to bet on yourself."

Sydney: What is your end goal in the sports industry?

Justin: My end goal is to open my own “prep school”. It would be a High School, Sports Academy.

Justin just created Zone6ix, but with his determination and creativity, we see just a glimpse of what he is capable of. He wants to stand as a role model to youth and help others reach their dream. He wants to serve as a testimony to show people that you can do whatever you set your mind to as long as you put in the work. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.

Sydney: Why is it importance to endorse in yourself?

Justin: You are your brand and your brand is only going to go far as you push it. Invest into yourself and most importantly believe in yourself.

Highlight of the Week : Justin Wimberly - Zone6ix

Instagram: @Just.wimbo @Zone6ixfootball @Zone6ix.basketball @Zoen6ix_Sluggers

Justin: Zone6ix is in full support of Bndorsed Sports

Interviewed By: Sydney Mann-Howard

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